The Sea Library

by: Kamo Ishihara
illustrated by: Michiyo Morita

A series that features a flounder librarian and the book lovers who borrow from him, including a shark! The volume is split into four little stories about the creatures who visit the library.
1. The Octopus’s Discovery - What did the octopus boy learn from the book Land Animals?
2. The Sunfish’s Problem - The sunfish borrows one book after another, so why doesn’t he seem to be having any fun?
3. The Tuna and the Prawn -The tuna has to be swimming all the time, so how will he be able to read?
4. The Book Repairer - When a baby crab tries to turn the page, it rips. What to do?

Published year : 2016 December

Pages : 80

Dimension of book : 220 × 150 mm

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