Our Rial Life

by: Tomori Circo
illustrated by: Makiko Sato

His name is Rial Akiyama. There isn’t a kid at our school who doesn’t know him. Why? Because he’s awesome—the most popular kid in our grade. The one and only number one. He’s the class clown and has a bright personality. All the cute girls are always gossiping about him.This is a story of three friends: the popular guy Rial, the ordinary guy, and the handsome, half-Finnish transfer student, Saji. The ordinary protagonist is an old friend of popular Rial’s and has felt inferior to him since they were little. _ en he learns Rial’s painful past—that his little brother died, and that he has always blamed himself for it. Saji de_ nately has a thing for Rial. Does that mean he's gay? Both Rial and the protagonist are touched by his genuine personality. The depiction of the three boys’ emotions is so skillful, you’ll want to read the whole book in one sitting. A choir festival is complicated by crushes, and Saji gets bullied... The three of us have different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we can help each other. This is a story of a spring and summer we spent together.

Published year : 2016 June

Pages : 224

Dimension of book : 200 × 130 mm