The Heaven and Earth Equation

by: Youko Tomiyasu
illustrated by: Daisuke Igarashi

Seven kids given super powers by the heavenly Amatsukami get sucked into an epic Thght as “Kannagi.”A new age of Japanese mythological fantasy begins!
13-year-old Arei Tashiro has a strange dream. In it, a monkey tells him, “Come to— Kurusu Hill!” Right after that, his family moves, and his new school is…Kurusu Hill Academy. Could that really be a coincidence?! The school, which combines elementary and junior high grades, is brand-new, so there are only three students in the eighth-year class. One is Q, rumored to be freakishly good at math, but pretty boneheaded when it comes to anything else. Arei doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, but the two of them end up getting trapped in an alternate space called Yomotsumayu and attacked by a one-eyed shadow…

Published year : 2015

Pages : 256~

Dimension of book : 788 × 1090 mm