Flip through and learn! Cells at Work: How the Body Works

Edited by: Kodansha
Original work: Akane Shimizu

A picture book about the human body with illustrations from the popular anime "Cells at Work".
What goes on inside the body? Where does the food we eat pass through our bodies to become poop? How does pee come out? 
Flip through the small windows of the picture book and you can see how the body works at a glance!
This is an illustrated picture book where you can enjoy learning how the body works while flipping through realistic illustrations of the human body.
The book is easy to read and easy to understand, so it can be enjoyed by everyone from preschoolers to elementary school students.

<Main contents
How cells work
How the body is made
Bones and muscles
Digestive Mechanism
Heart and Blood
How We Breathe
How pee happens
How to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch
How the brain works
The birth of life

Published year : 2021

Pages : 18

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