(Biography) The Birth of Audrey Tang

by: Hiroshi Ishizaki

This is a biography of Audrey Tang, Taiwan's Minister of Digital Affairs. She has become famous as a genius minister who used digital technology to fight with COVID19, and she is often associated with the image of a "winner". As a child, however, she always felt that life was difficult. She was born with a serious heart disease, and in elementary school, she was too intelligent to fit in with others. In the third grade of elementary school, she stopped going to school, and she felt that she did not belong in the world, and she was in the depths of despair. How did she regain hope?

She changed her name to Audrey Tan and announced her transgender identity at the age of 24. And then she retired from business at the age of 33. Why is she aiming for "a society where no one is left behind"? This is the story of the birth of "Audrey Tan," the standard-bearer of the "new democracy" that is attracting worldwide attention.


Published year : 2022

Pages : 207

Dimension of book : 135 × 195 mm