The World of Saint-Exupéry: The Life and Thought of the Eternal Child

by: Takeshi Muto

Was that the "invisible and important thing"? ☆
What is the idea that gave birth to " The Little Prince"?
The definitive biography that connects the turbulent life and world of Saint-Exupéry.

Saint-Exupéry is the well-known author of "The Little Prince.
This little story for children is still read and loved by many people around the world, but what is the secret of its charm?
What is the "invisible and precious thing" that is repeatedly mentioned in this work?

Saint-Exupéry is a man who could not forget his childhood and could not become an adult.
He had to live awkwardly as an outsider, always feeling uncomfortable and cramped in the real world, which is nothing but an adult's world.
His life, full of failures, setbacks, confusion, and vicissitudes, is somewhat of a slapstick comedy, and is interesting in its own right.
However, through his own life, he sharpened his critical awareness of the adult world of real society and the modern era.
At the same time, he also clarified his vision of the world of childhood as his own inner space.

This book is the definitive critical biography of Saint-Exupéry, written from a completely new point of view, which will enable readers to more deeply appreciate the world of his works, including " The Little Prince" and "The Night Flight.

Chapter 1: Childhood (190-19112)
Chapter 2: The Puzzles of Youth (1909-1926)
Chapter 3: Aviator and Writer (1926-1931)
Chapter 4: A Checkered Period (1931-1939)
Chapter 5 War (1939-1940)
Chapter 6 Exile (1940-1943)
Chapter 7: The Last Mission (1943-1944)
Brief Chronological Record of Saint-Exupéry

Published year : 2022

Pages : 400