A bouquet of words: "Self-education" for overcoming difficulties.

by: Sahel Rosa

Born in Iran, she came to Japan with her adoptive mother when she was eight years old.
Living as a foreign mother and child, she experienced discrimination, poverty, and bullying, and at one point despaired and narrowly escaped suicide.
How did she face such hardships that one cannot imagine from her current glorious appearance?
What is behind his ability to nurture herself in a positive manner without rotting away?
Because you have been through various hardships, you are now "able to be close to those who are vulnerable with the same feelings.
While recounting her experiences, she spins "I want to help you," and dedicates it as a bouquet of words.

The 14 bouquets include.

To those of you who have not been blessed with a family connection
Bouquet 01: "I who am reflected in someone else's eyes" heals my loneliness. 

Bouquet 01 "I who am reflected in someone else's eyes" heals my loneliness.
Bouquet 02 Conflicts are a good opportunity to reveal your true feelings

To those of you who feel like you want to die
Bouquet 03 When a Parent Finally Shows His or Her Weakness and Saves My Life  

To those who are bullied
Bouquet 04 The courage not to try so hard

To parents who are at a loss as to how to show their love
Bouquet 05 It's okay, just being there is enough

Bouquet 05 To you, the great one of great love
Bouquet 06 For parents and children by fate, and for the next life to come

To all of you who work in place of parents
Bouquet 07 Not "partner" but "beloved hand  

To you who have traveled the world and met each other
Bouquet 08The difficulties of refugees are not difficult people  

To those who stand in the transitional stage of diversity
Bouquet 09 The heart has nothing to do with nationality or national borders   

From my "flower bed of the heart
Bouquet 10: A Mother's Teachings

To those of us who will live with Corona in the future
Bouquet 11 A new Sahelian way of acting

To you and your family who are battling a disease
Bouquet 12 To live together is to walk together 

To those of you who are not sure about the right job
Bouquet 13: A call from our seniors

To those of you who feel like you have been left out of the world's system
Bouquet 14 If you don't give up, someone will be watching you

Published year : 2022

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