Leaf cutout collection: Always by your side, a small, tiny, gentle world.

by: Lito@Leaf cutout

Media from around the world raved, "A warm story spread over a single leaf, soothing to the soul!"
Leaf cutouts photographed through the sky. The exquisiteness of the work is astonishing, but it is also a story that stirs the viewer's heart and evokes the imagination, spread out on a single small leaf. ...... That is Rito's leaf cutouts.

Almost every day when Rito presents his work on SNS, he receives many comments such as, "The gentle world heals me," "Just looking at it makes me happy," and "It makes me want to do my best again tomorrow.

When I am depressed. When I feel depressed, when my mind is boggled, when I feel sad. Each leaf cutout is like a picture book, and you will find your own story every time you turn the page.

The book contains 89 works, all with newly written stories, even those that had only titles when they were posted on SNS.

Includes Rito's leaf cutout method.

Introduction - A Gentle World on Leaves
Chapter1: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter of Animals
Chapter2 Banzai for Foodies!
Chapter3 You Are Not Alone
Chapter4 Habits of Good Children
Chapter5 Mysterious creatures
Chapter6 Travels around the World of Leaves
Chapter7 The Story of the World
Chapter8 A Little Happiness
How leaf cutouts are made
More about the world of leaf cutouts
Conclusion - Why leaf cutouts were created

Published year : 2021

Pages : 96