The Best of Scientific Magic Tricks for Kids: 77 Inspiring Experiences That Can Be Performed Easily Anywhere

by: Michio Gotou

Easy to do, big impact! The series has sold a total of 850,000 copies and has sold over 1 million copies in China! This is a selection of masterpieces from the best-selling series.

No preparation is required, no tricks are needed, and anyone can do it.
And yet, the impact on the viewer is breathtaking!

The kettle floats in the air and a toothpick runs across the surface of the water.
The contents of a bottle suddenly freezes, and a water spigot forms a dumpling.

This book introduces a collection of masterpiece scientific magic tricks that can be performed by anyone, using only everyday items, along with freshly illustrated stories. Easy-to-understand explanations are also included to "reveal the secret.

The moment when a child's eyes light up and he or she says, "What? and the moment a child's eyes light up!

From the Author

This book is intended to provide you with materials to help your children discover the wonder, fun, and excitement of science in their daily interactions with you.
The 77 scientific magic tricks introduced here have no tricks or tricks of their own. Yet, unbelievable and mysterious phenomena unfold right before your child's eyes.
Children will truly feel the existence of "power that cannot be seen or touched.

Adults who studied "science" well in school in the past will be able to recognize that these are atmospheric pressure, gravity, and static electricity.
Children, however, still do not know most of them. And even if they did, they would have no idea that these forces affect the things around them in such a way.
The child will look at the magic trick with a twinkle in his or her eye. He or she will try hard to figure out why it is happening.
Please do not tell them the answer right away, but think about it together with your child.

Published year : 2019

Pages : 208