Wheelchairs for Dogs

by: Toshiko Sawada

Husband and wife Eiji and Hiromi Kawanishi noticed their beloved dog was walking strangely. She was dragging her legs. “Maybe her legs hurt?” Their pet was a dachshund named Sweepea. She was nearly eight years old, and her chronic herniated disk was getting worse. Perhaps from the stress of not being able to walk, she lost her appetite,stopped playing with her favorite toys, and went from seven kilograms to three. Their veterinarian made a suggestion. “Why not use a wheelchair to give her some exercise? She might gain back some muscle.” 

The Kawanishis put her in a homemade wheelchair, her condition rapidly improved! This is how the Kawanishis decided to go into business building dog wheelchairs. Mame was in an accident, Cindy was a rescue—the dogs who had wheelchairs made for them all have their own stories. This is a work of nonfiction portrayingthe lives of dogs and the challenge the Kawanishis took on.

Published year : 2018 October

Pages : 140

Dimension of book : 170 × 110 mm