KinoKino and Poki's Mystrious Fruit

by: Yukiko Tanemura
by: Akiko Tanemura

Hardworking Poki and lazy KinoKino are little people who live in trees in the forest. Poki lives in a round tree, and KinoKino lives in a triangular tree. Their job is to take care of their trees. One winter, some migrating birds fly by and poop—splat—on KinoKino’s tree, but that poop is no normal poop. When KinoKino does all he can to care for his tree, something amazing happens. 

A pair of spirited twins deliver this picture book that gently conveys to children the abundance of nature, the power of life, and how the four seasons change.

Published year : 2018 March

Pages : 32

Dimension of book : 270 × 220 mm

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