The Potato Debate

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The Potato Debate Front Cover

The Potato Debate

by: Yuichi Kimura / illustr. Yukihiko Tajima

Published year: 2016

ISBN: 978-4-06-133295-9

Pages: 32

Dimensions of Book: 250mm x 265mm

An old man works hard tending his field and produces some splendid potatoes, but someone is sneaking in at night to steal them. After trying various schemes to catch the thieves, he learns it is the wild boars, but when he tries to accuse them, the other animals come to the boars’ defense. After all, the animals were there first, and who said the humans get to take the land for themselves? Yuichi Kimura tells a thought-provoking story, sure to make for an interesting conversation, and Yukihiko Tajima illustrates with bold strokes. Who are the real thieves? 



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