Yuu’s Bear Pajamas

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Yuu’s Bear Pajamas Front Cover

Yuu’s Bear Pajamas

by: Keiko Kaza Illustrator/Yasuhiko Nakaya

Published year: 2017

ISBN: 978-4-06-133312-3

Pages: 32

Dimensions of Book: 215 x 265 mm

It’s Yuu’s bedtime, but how can he sleep when he has new bear pajamas? Ignoring his mom, he heads into a make-believe forest to stomp and roar like a real bear. Then one by one his bear friends show up to climb trees, go fishing, and much more. But wasn’t it time for bed? Yasuhiko Nakaya’s perky illustrations complement Keiko Kaza’s tale of a boy with a big imagination and nifty sleepwear, Yuu’s Bear Pajamas.



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