Mottainai Grandma By the River

by: Mariko Shinju

A boy is about to throw garbage in the river, but Mottainai Grandma shows up to scold him. They go upstream to find out why it's wrong to toss trash in the water. There they meet a baby river, and when they journey downstream together they find...?
2019 is the 15th Anniversary of Mottainai Grandma. The reason kids have loved these books for so long must be that Mottainai Grandma and her message connect with them. The next lesson from this hugely popular character is a reverence for nature, and it takes place somewhere familiar—a riverside. We getting drinking water from rivers and lots of other creatures need that water, too. It's wasteful and unfair for humans to make it unusable. This book presents a kid-friendly explanation of how we can keep our precious water clean.

Published year : 2019 March

Pages : 36

Dimension of book : 305 × 215 mm

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